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Legal Translation


Legal translation is the translation of texts content within the field of law. Since the official language of UAE government is Arabic, any document which you need to give or process through any government offices in UAE requires legal translation from original language to Arabic. and DXBportal Documents clearing team have highly experienced experts for translation services.

Translation Requirements in Dubai.

Translation is required in Dubai for various purpose such as legal, commercial, medical, advertising, marketing technical, and financial and scientific business domains. For Example, you are employed in UAE and you want to sponsor your child residence visa, then first you must to get attestation on child birth certificate in your home country and then the ministry of foreign affairs in Dubai, UAE. After attestation from the ministry of foreign affairs in UAE,  it should be legally translated into Arabic to process the residence visa. Thus translated Arabic Version need to submit in immigration through amer centers.   

Why DXBportal is best for Legal Translation?

There are specified credentials and qualifications needs to do the translation from any other language to Arabic as per the government law. There are many people who can do the translation from one language to other languages. But that type of translation is not valued in the UAE government departments. Our highly integrated team members are expert and authorized in this field. And We use an entirely human translation process, supported by a strict policy. And We could guarantee high quality by using professional, native-speaking translators and reviewers that counter-check each translation.

Legal Translation In 200 languages in UAE

Every day we helping to translating commercial and personal documents and certificates from 200 languages. That’s including the major languages such as English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Russian, French, , Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Punjabi, Bengali, Tagalog/Filipino, German, Malay, Telugu, Vietnamese, Korean, Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish Thai, Persian, Romanian, Greek, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Nepali, Hungarian, and many more.