MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai.

Get your certificate attested by MOFA [Ministry of Foreign Affairs] and UAE Embassy . We work globally with 86 Counties | 100+ Languages
Mofa attestation

WHAT IS MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) ATTESTATION?


MOFA Attestation is a attestation of  certificate or document by the stamp and Seal of authorized person in Ministry of foreign affairs. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the final body to verify a certificate in UAE. and it is the final verification procedure to be done in a certificate. once MOFA seal is Stamped in your certificate, that certificate can be used in UAE must of the purposes.

How can I get my certificate attested in UAE?

Are you looking for attestation? certificate that is issued from different Country are required to obtain UAE embassy attestation in prior to MOFA Attestation. Once you are done with the attestations from the country of Issuance you will be able to verify your certificate in ministry of foreign affairs in UAE.

What are the certificates need MOFA attestation in dubai, UAE.

  • Private diplomas – Technical Diplomas, Computer Diplomas, HVAC, Fire & Safety, Lift Technician etc.
  • Commercial Documents – MOU, Invoice, Registration documents, Partnership deed, Memorandum of Association, Incorporation Certificate, Incumbency Certificate, Commercial Register, Trade licenses, Power of Attorneys etc..

Why DXBportal is best Service provider for attestation?

DXBportal Documents Clearing have been involved with MOFA attestation in UAE, ever since our inception. Over the years. The hallmark of our services lies in the safe handling of documents, complete tracking of documents.

We can help you get your documents translated and ready for attestation. Besides offering Translations as a stand-alone service, we also handle any necessary translation as part of our end-to-end attestation process, to save you both time and money. DXBportal can assist you Globally