A power of attorney is a document that allow another person to act on your absence and deal with your affairs when you are physically not available for dealing.

Attestation and Legalization of Power of attorney is essential for many personal and business purpose in United Arab Emirates. Power of attorney must be issued from Dubai Court. If it is issued from outside UAE, then attestation of power of attorney is mandatory to legally accept in UAE.

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Power of Attorney or Court agreement attestation procedure

  • First step, you shall need to type and sign power of Attorney in a specific from.
  • Notarization of Power of Attorney in Home country
  • Ministry of foreign affairs Stamp (Home Country)
  • UAE Embassy or UAE Consulate Stamp from Home country
  • Stamp by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs [MOFA]
  • Arabic legal translation in order to use in any Dubai Court.
  • Stamp by the UAE Ministry of Justice in Arabic legal translation

Documents Required for Power of Attorney or Agreement Attestation:

  • Original Power of Attorney
  • Proof of residence [Emirates ID and Visa]
  • List of partners name and Passport copies

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