Certificate Attestation in India

Indian Certificate Attestation: How to Get your Documents attested for Dubai?

Are you an Indian Citizen? Do you have Indian documents or certificates that require legalization for the UAE? then you can utilize our reliable Indian certificate attestation services.

Certificate attestation Services

India have Large number of NRI’s working in Dubai. must of them are working and some of them doing business. while Indians are must majority population in Dubai there is huge requirements for Indian certificate attestation. We, DXBporta attestation provide Indian certificate attestation services from Dubai in just 5 working days.

Why Indian certificate need attestation in UAE?

Certificates, that’s are not issued by UAE government is not legally acceptable. so, any certificates that issued from India need do attestation. Certificate attestation will allow us to legalize a document in UAE. once certificate attestation or legalization is done on a certificate that certificate can be used for any official requirements.


Family Visa processing required attested Marriage certificate: While applying for spouse visa for UAE, the applicant must to present attested marriage certificate for visa approval.

Child Admission in School required attested Birth Certificate: In order to get an admission for a child in UAE School parents must submit his childbirth certificate in school. This certificate should be legally acceptable. know more about marriage certificate attestation

Indian Educational Documents attestation procedure: -

  1. Notary Public stamp 
  2. Home Department verification
  3. HRD Attestation (If Required)
  4. Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs
  5. Attestation from UAE Embassy in New Delhi, India 
  6. Ministry of foreign affairs attestation in UAE 

Different Type of Indian Educational Certificates

Degree Certificate, PG Degree Certificate, Master Certificate, Bachelor Certificate,  Diploma Certificate, MBBS Certificate, Nursing Certificate, Pharmacy Certificate, Pre Degree Certificate, MS Certificate, HSC Certificate B.Ed. Certificate, Engineering Certificate, Mark sheet, MD Certificate Inter Certificate, CA certificates, B Tech. Certificate, Provisional certificate and more

Indian Educational Document attestation requirements:

  • Labour Card Processing
  • Professional Work Permit
  • Employment visa
  • Visa job profession changes
  • Ministry of Education
  • Certificate Equivalency
  • Higher education
  • Professional Practice
  • School admission
Certificate attestation in India

Personal Documents and Attestation Procedure in India

Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Medical Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, Police Clearance certificate, Registration Certificate, Affidavit of Marriage, Affidavit Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Bonafide Certificate, Single status certificate, School Records, Divorce Certificate, Death Certificate and More

  1. Sate Public Notary
  2. Home Department attestation
  3. MEA
  4. UAE Consulate in Mumbai or Delhi
  5. Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE
Indian Commercial Documents attestation and procedure

Commercial Power of Attorney, Company Agreements, Certificate of Origin, Memorandum of Article and Association, Certificate of incorporation, Trade documents, and more

  1. Indian Chamber of Commerce attestation
  2. Attestation MEA
  3. Attestation from the Indian UAE Embassy
  4. Ministry of foreign affairs in Dubai, UAE.

DXB portal Certificate attestation service in India

Indian Documents Attestation is requiring proper assistance and information based on document. DXB portal attestation has own team in India to handle all attestation procedure. We could guarantee for on time service and best price for Indian certificate attestation.

For Indian Certificate Attestation we require original certificate and a copy of your passport and sometime a letter from certificate owner.

We offer Indian certificate attestation within 4 working day. You will be able to choose suitable service for you, according the priority of requirements. Normal attestation procedure required 10 working days for Indian educational certificates. Indian personal certificates required 7 working day for attention.

But through our Express service we can offer Indian certificate attestation within 4 working days for Non educational certificate (Personal Documents Such as Birth certificate, marriage certificate and more) and 6 working days for educational certificate.

Why DXBportal for Indian Documents attestation?

  • Free consulting on exact procedure of Indian Certificate attestation
  • Free Estimation of attestation cost
  • Commitment on process time
  • Free pickup and Delivery of Doc
  • Safe and Secure
  • Email and WhatsApp notification on Status