Documents Attestation for UAE

Documents attestation services in Dubai. Education, Personal and Commercial documents legalization.

Documents attestation

Different types of Documents Attestation requirements in Dubai

Documents such as educational certificates, Personal documents and Commercial documents are required to legalize for many reasons in Dubai.

Educational documents like degree, diploma, and mark sheets are very often required for visa processing issuance purpose in Dubai. Mark sheet documents are required for child school admission in Dubai school. Thus, documents are required to be attested in UAE. We will discuss in detail.

Personal Documents Such as Birth certificate, marriage documents, death certificate are also often required for family visa processing and other many uses in UAE.

Commercial Documents Like Memorandum of association, agreements, share details and trade licence are required to legalize to use documents internationally.

How to get Document attestation to use in UAE?

The procedure and requirement of documents attestation depends many factors

Factors: –

  • Type of Document: Such as Education, non-educational and Commercial
  • Certificate of origin: County, state and department
  • Purpose of Documents attestation: Educational, job and other official purpose
  • Country: Where need to be used.
Documents attestation Services

General Document Attestation Procedure for UAE

  1. Document attestation from State Notary Public
  2. State Home department attestation from documents issued Country
  3. Ministry of foreign affaires or council attestation
  4. UAE embassy attestation from certificate issued country
  5. Ministry of Foreign affairs attestation in UAE

This step are general requirements to legalize a document in UAE, this document attestation processing steps can vary according to the factors that we discussed above.

International Documents attestation services in Dubai

DXB portal attestation, we work globally to get your documents are attestation. Dubai is the place where we can find any nationality, some of them are working, doing business, looking for job and tourist. The people who is resident in Dubai as business owner, or as employee need their documents to be attended for their employment or business uses or even it can be for family purpose.

We provide documents attestation from 86 countries to meet our client requirements and must of the country we have our own team and some other country we have strategic business partners.

To get you documents attestation we need your original certificate and your passport copy. Passport and original certificate are common requirement for attestation or legalization and Apostille.

DXB portal Document attestation service and Features

We recommend our customer to send a copy of certificate and passport copy. Once we received you document copy our professional team will evaluate the process of attestation and time requirement to done. In a few minutes we will send a detailed quotation with procedure, cost and time estimation. So, our client we be having an overall idea of the process.

After the confirmation we will arrange free pick up the documents or you could visit to handover the documents. Instantly we will issue the receipt for documents receiving and we will register in our system. You will be getting a tracking number to know the statues of Documents attestation.

Once registration is done, your document will be sending to our branch in destination country. our team member will handle all the attestation procedure within a committed period. You will be informed once document attestation is completed, we are offering a free delivery in your address or else you could collect form our Dubai Office.