Death certificate is mandatory in every country as per the low.  If death is happened in hospital, official medical practitioner and hospital authority will report to the government. If death is happened in home, family members are supposed to report to government officials. It containe name of the person, date and place of death and case for the death. To use death certificate in UAE for any official use it must be attested from MOFA IN UAE. to get MOFA attestation in a death certificate require legalization from home country and UAE embassy.

DXBportal Attestation can assist you to get all required attestation in death certificate. whether the certificate is issued from USAUKCANADAINDIA, Philippine, Pakistan, Australia and any other country. The one of the main reasons for death certificate attestation is to clime the insurance and second very important requirement is for clearing the ownership of assets and liability of an individual who died.

Procedure of Death Certificate Attestation for UAE

Death certificate attestation procedure can vary based on the nationality and death certificate issued country. To know specifically, contact us. The below mentioned attestation process is for an Indian death certificate.

  1. Attestation from State Home Department
  2. MEA Attestation.
  3. Legalization from UAE Embassy or UAE Consulate in India. 
  4. Attestation from the MOFA in Dubai 

The processing time for attesting death certificate depends on issuing country and the state rules. To know exact processing duration and cost, contact our attestation advisory executive.

Documents required for Death Documents Attestation:

  • Original Death Certificate.
  • Clear Passport copy.

Major Requirements of Death Certificate Attestation in UAE:

  • To claim the insurance.
  • To settle legal obligations if any.
  • To settle the property benefaction to the beneficiary.

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