Transfer certificate [TC] is compulsory requirement to get student admission in UAE schools or colleges. It compulsory to have Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation on certificate. Legalization of school transfer certificate shall confirm the authenticity of certificate. Therefore, school admission must be done on time, you better have it ready before seeking or applying for admission.

The school transfer certificate is concerned as an evidence of student previous schooling. In case of failure to submit the transfer certificate on time it may case for loosing admission of the student.

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The School or college Transfer Certificate should include the all details as per the Ministry of education guideline. And it should be in official letterhead of school or college. Mandatory Details are: Full name of the student, Date of admission, date of birth, last date of attendance in school or college, Syllabus, Stamp and Signature of the principal or authorized person and school authority. If it’s college certificate it must mention whether its regular or distance study. Procedure of school transfer certificate is similar as all other certificate attestation. certificate should be have UAE embassy attestation in order to get MOFA Attestation.

Attestation procedure for transfer certificate

  1. Attestation from Ministry of Education
  2. Attestation by Ministry of External Affairs or Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. UAE Embassy or UAE Consulate attestation [Thus, three steps are needs to be done in the home country where the certificate was issued]
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in United Arab Emirates.

Documents required for Transfer Certificate Attestation:

  • Original Transfer Certificate.
  • Passport copy of certificate holder
  • Passport copy of parents in case student is a minor
  • Authorization letter

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