Degree Attestation

Degree Attestation in UAE- Everything you needs to know

Degree certificate attestation

Degree Certificate Attestation is an essential for your employment or work visa in UAE or other Gulf countries. irrespective of your country of citizenship, all expats are required to legalize his or her educational certificate.

Only attested certificates will be accepted to issue your employment visa for UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain or Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, in this process, your document goes to the various government department and bodies. There could be three to five stamps applied in your certificate and some of them fees are involved.

We DXBportal attestation services are expert in the field of legalization and attestation of documents. we can assist you in a professional way to get your Degree certificate attested within given time and effectively.

What is degree certificate attestation?

Degree Certificate attestation is a process of legalizing a degree certificate by official stamp and seal from various departments, in order to prove the certificates authenticity. To avoid any trouble that you might have to face in the process of Degree attestation in Dubai, it is advisable to avail our services.

Why Degree certificate attestation is important?

As we discussed above, Attestation is mandatory in degree certificate to accept as a legally valued documents in any other countries. Otherwise it won’t be valued as an original document.

Attestation of certificate

Certificate attestation may require for the following purposes.

  • To get advanced education in foreign country
  • Employments purposes in abroad
  • For migration purposes.
  • To get Employment visas
  • Professional practise like Doctor.
  • There are more uses likewise.

How to get degree certificate attestation?

Degree certificate attestation requires to be attested form certificate issued country. by the Higher education department of the state, Ministry and by the consulate/ embassy in that country. We, at DXBportal dedicated towards our vision of ensuring complete customer satisfaction with on time delivery and standard of services offered.

We handle a to z Certificate attestation for UAE and other 86 countries.  With us you can sit back and relax. Get your legalization done in the simplest way possible!

Degree Certificate legalization Procedure

  • Notarization in home country (Notary Public)
  • Ministry of foreign affairs in home country (MOFA – Home Country)
  • UAE Embassy Attestation home country
  • MOFA attestation in Destination Country.

This attestation procedure will improve the Authenticity of a degree certificate. A degree certificate is an educational accreditation used to express that the understudy effectively completed a graduation course. An educational certificate issued by the school or college or university which contains all information identified with the graduation, for example, evaluations, course, year of study, year of pass out, name of the college, School, university and so forth. Certificate legalization is an affirmation procedure, and which will make the archive certifiable and trusted.

Indian Degree Certificate Attestation Procedure

  • HRD attestation
  • MEA attestation
  • Home department
  • Indian Foreign affaires
  • UAE Embassy
  • MOFA attestation
We entrust attestation procedure and administrations for all these below mentioned degrees
  • University degree
  • Provisional Certificates
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Nursing Certificate
  • SSLC Certificate
  • HSC Certificate
  • MBBS Certificate
  • Engineering Certificate
  • Pharmacy Certificate
  • MD Certificate
  • Dentists Certificate
  • Ph. D
  • Engineering Certificate
  • Medical Degree Certificate
  • Management degree certificate
  • Law degree certificate
  • Technical degree certificate
  • PG Certificate
  • BE Certificate

All other educational certificates can be legalized

DXBportal Degree Certificate Attestation Services

DXBportal Attestation Services is managed by well experienced professional. We offer ultimate solution all type of degree attestation globally. Our well experienced professionals will lead your certificate attestation procedure in various countries as per the requirements. We will make attestation of your certificate stress-free, fast and you could save your time.

We have regular, express and super express attestation services for legalizing degree certificates, its varies on the country to country. To select our services that’s depend upon your required time frame, you could talk to our attestation experts through a call, WhatsApp, email or any of the below mentioned contact . We are happy to assist you further


  1. Free Consulting on procedure
  2. Cost Estimation and Time estimation
  3. Express services
  4. Attestation services for more than 86 countriesThe major part of degree certificates attested in our daily basis are as follows: India| USA| UK| Australia| Canada| New Zealand| South Africa| Malaysia| Hong Kong| Singapore| France| Germany| Jordan| Lebanon etc. 
  1. Free Pickup and Delivery

Once you contact us: our document attestation executives will guide you through the available services such as regular, premium and super-fast service as per availability and your requirement.

Our Premium Marriage Certificate legalization Services:

  • Indian Certificate Attestation 
  • UK Certificate Attestation 
  • USA Certificate Attestation 
  • Australia Certificate Attestation 
  • Canada, England, Russia, British etc.

Apart from above listed major countries, you can get attestation for other countries too and for any documents. We work globally for all embassy attestation


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