About DXBportal

DXBportal offers a one stop solution for Documents Attestations and other Govt. transactions here in Dubai.”

DXBportal services are One Stop Solution for All kids of documents attestations from around the glob and Govt, transactions. our well experienced PRO professionals will handle your  tasks to get this done on time with minimal cost. We are specialized for Company PRO services, certificate attestation services, business licensing and visa processing


Our Features
Free Delivery and Pickup

Free Pickup& Delivery

We offer free pickup and delivery.   Enhancing  our customer experience  anywhere  in UAE.

secure and confidential

Safe & Secure

Our value for your privacy comes first, and your documents are our responsibility that we can not compromise never ever.

24x7 Support

We offer dedicated service agent for each of our client, and to ensure easy and fast support to resolve issues. 

Low Cost

Competitive price with highest stranded forever. and also flexibility in payment method.