Philippine Certificate Attestation – UAE Attestation for Philippine Documents

In order to get Philippine Certificates Attestation for UAE, any documents that issued from Philippines must to be authenticated and attested by DFA Red Ribbon from Manila, then UAE embassy from Manila and Ministry of foreign affairs attestation In UAE. If Philippines documents need to be used in any other country, then it must to be attested by Embassy of that particular country in Philippine.

Attestation of Marriage certificate in Philippine and UAE MOFA are required for Family visa purpose in UAE. Attestation of Diploma Certificate in Philippine DFA Red Ribbon and UAE embassy and UAE MOFA is required for Employment visa purpose in Dubai and any other emirates.

So, in simple If you required to attest a Philippine diploma or transcript or any other personal documents such as marriage and birth certificate for UAE, the particular documents need to be attested from DFA Red Ribbon and UAE Embassy in Manila and after Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

Philippine Certificate Attestation in UAE

Philippine Educational Documents Including:

Personal Identification Documents Such as

Other Documents

  • Police clearance Certificate
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Fingerprints

Philippine Documents Attestation Procedure

  • Authentication by Department of Education or CHED or TESDA
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Red Ribbon from Manila
  • Attestation from UAE Embassy in Manila
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE

Documents Required for Philippine Document attestation for UAE

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Passport size Photo

Why You Need UAE Attestation for Philippine Documents

When a Philippine document is attested for UAE, it eliminates all worries regarding the genuineness of your certificate that issued from Philippine and eases the process of your international endeavour such as Dubai- UAE Family Visa and Employment visa.

  • Family Visa purpose in UAE
  • Employment visa purposes.
  • WES and IQAS verification.
  • Marriage Purposes
  • Equivalency requirements for Ministry of Education or Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

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